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Free CPE Links:
The following links connect you to programs that offer free CPEs on-line to dietitians. As this information changes rapidly, please check the continuing professional education database at to verify that the self-study program is still pre-approved by CDR. In addition, please be mindful that many of the programs have expiration dates designated.


Stay tuned for timely free CE's!


Dietitian Central   offers free CPE's and Webinars:


Today's Dietitian offers Free CPE's:



International Food Information Council Foundation
Up to 14 activities are available, each worth 1.0 CPEU unless otherwise noted.

Abbott Nutrition Learning Center
Click on “Learning Center” then "Course Catalog".

*Abbott Nutrition Learning Library also has online programs (not free) and offline programs.
Coca-Cola Company Beverage Institute For Health & Wellness
Earn up to 11.5 hours of free CPE's
Becky Dorner and Associates
Sign up as a member on the home page (this is free).  Then click on “Members Only” page.

Hi-R-Ed Online   
Set up your user name and password.  Each course is 1.0 CPEU unless otherwise noted.
Gives 1 free CPE credit that summarizes the research about whole grain and its effect on several chronic diseases. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics     (self study under the Distance Learning section)

The American Diabetes Association



Click on “healthcare professionals” and scroll down to the dietitian box on the lower right side.


How Long Will You Live?
Earn one free CPEU on the Secrets to Longevity. Ever since life expectancy has been recorded, subsequent generations have consistently demonstrated increased life spans. At the turn of the 20th century (1900-1902), life expectancy in the U.S. for men and women was 47.9 and 50.7 years, respectively. Fast forward to 2010—and life expectancy is 75.7 and 80.8 years—and this trend continues to climb according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)/National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). Click the link below to learn more and earn free continuing education credit.